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Need to make a claim on your RAC Warranty? We're here to help. Just follow our simple process to get started.

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How to make a claim

Step 1

Find a trusted garage

Click 'Start your claim', enter your postcode and find an RAC Approved Garage near you

Step 2

Book a diagnosis

Take your vehicle to your chosen garage and they'll diagnose what's wrong

Step 3

We'll assess your claim

Your garage will talk to the RAC to check that the claim is covered under your warranty

Step 4

Your vehicle's fixed

Once your claim's approved, your garage will fix your vehicle under warranty

Start your claim 

Just so you know...

Depending on the warranty you have, you may need to pay to diagnose the problem.

  • If you have a Platinum Plus warranty: for valid claims we’ll cover up to £50 including VAT, or 1 hour’s labour (whichever is lower) to diagnose what’s wrong.
  • If you have a Platinum, Gold or Silver warranty: you’ll need to cover the initial diagnosis. Prices can vary by garage so always check how much it’ll cost first. And have a look at your Ts & Cs to make sure any work required will be covered.

How to contact the RAC Warranty team

If you have a question about your warranty that isn’t covered by the FAQs below, you can get in touch with the RAC Warranty team by filling in this contact form.


We would always recommend contacting the dealer you purchased the vehicle from to diagnose the problem. If your dealer doesn't have repair facilities, we recommend that you go to an RAC Accredited Repairer or Approved Garage for your warranty claim. Find your local RAC Accredited Repairer or Approved Garage at
You can opt to use a Main Dealer or a repairer/garage which isn't RAC approved, however they may ask you to pay for the repair costs up front which you will then need to claim back afterwards. It may also cost you more due to higher labour rates or use of original manufactured parts.
Please refer to your plan terms & conditions for specific coverage details regarding parts and labour.
Does my warranty cover a hire car?

Some RAC warranties cover hire car costs of up £50 per day for 7 days in the event of a valid claim if the Autodata or equivalent recommended repair time exceeds 8 hours.

But please check your terms and conditions to see if you’re covered.

Does my warranty cover recovery?

This depends on which cover level you have. Please check your terms and conditions, in the section called ‘What the plan provides – Maintenance’.

What details does the garage need from me?

To register a claim your repairer will need:

  1. Your vehicle registration number
  2. The full name, address, and postcode of the warranty holder
  3. For some plans you may also need to provide the garage with the vehicle's service history.
How long does it take to make a claim?

Once your garage has inspected your vehicle, they’ll register your claim with us over the phone or online. We can approve most claims as soon as we receive this information from your garage. If your claim is more complex, we may need to see photos of damaged parts and more detailed feedback from the garage.

Will I have to pay anything?

That depends on your warranty cover level. For example, some RAC warranties don’t cover costs likes diagnostics. Please check your terms and conditions to see what you’re covered for.

It also depends on which repairer you take your vehicle to. If you don’t take your car to an RAC Approved Garage you may also be responsible for some aspects of the parts and labour costs. Again, please check your terms and conditions for more information.

Is diagnostics covered on my warranty?

Some of our warranty plans do not cover Diagnostic costs and therefore we recommend that you refer to your warranty terms and conditions.

What’s your payment process?

If the claim’s been submitted by your Selling Dealer or an RAC Approved Garage they’ll normally invoice us directly as soon as the repair has been completed.

If you’re using a Main Dealer or your own Non-RAC approved garage, they may ask you to pay for the repair costs upfront initially and then claim them back from us afterwards.

What’s your payment time scale?

We aim to pay repair invoices 7 to 10 working days from the date we receive a valid invoice.

Is my warranty transferable to another person?
Yes, this is possible. Please check your warranty terms and conditions, in the section called “Transferring your plan”.
How do I make a change to my warranty?

Call 0330 100 3728 and select the option to make an amendment to your policy

What happens at the end of my plan?

If you’re still eligible for an extended warranty you will receive a communication 30 days before your current plan is about to expire. This communication will provide details of the options available to you.

If you do not receive a communication, we would advise you contact your Selling Dealer to see if they’re able to offer you another warranty plan.

What happens if the garage asks me to pay for the repairs?

If you’re asked or required to pay for repairs that are covered under your warranty plan from your own funds and you wish to reclaim the cost of repairs, please ensure the repairer addresses the invoice to: “TWG IOM c/o Your Name of Your Address” so that we can arrange reimbursement.

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