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*New, single personal based cover from £7 a month. Max 50% saving with Unlimited cover. Ends 25/04/22, 7am

Motorbike breakdown cover

If you ride a motorbike, having breakdown cover in place is a good idea. Whether it’s a battery issue, a flat tyre or a mechanical fault, you can feel reassured that help is at hand 24/7. At the RAC, we offer the same breakdown cover for motorbikes, mopeds and scooters as we do for cars. So you don’t need to worry about buying specialist cover. 

If you’re heading to Europe, you can also buy European breakdown cover for motorbikes over 125cc. 

Did you know...?

  • The RAC offers breakdown cover and recovery for motorcycles over 49cc in the UK - and over 125cc in Europe
  • You can choose ‘vehicle cover’ to protect your motorbike ¬no matter who rides it
  • Or you can choose ‘personal cover’ to protect yourself as a driver or passenger in any vehicle

What types of vehicles do you cover?

You can buy RAC Breakdown Cover for your motorbike, moped or scooter, as well as your car. All we ask is that your motorbike is 49cc or over.  If you’re looking for European breakdown cover, bear in mind that we only cover motorbikes, mopeds and scooters over 125cc.

Just so you know, we don’t offer any breakdown cover for electric pavement vehicles, electric wheelchairs, electric bikes, push bikes or any vehicle that isn’t road legal.

What types of motorbike breakdown cover are there?

As for cars, vans and other vehicles, there are two types of breakdown cover to choose from: vehicle or personal cover. Here are the differences between the two.

This type of cover applies to a specific motorbike. So it doesn’t matter who’s riding it when it breaks down, it will still be covered regardless.

This type of cover is ideal if only have one motorbike in your household, and more than one person rides it.

Personal cover means you’re covered on any motorbike as driver or passenger. For example, you’ll be covered when riding your own motorbike and when riding pillion on someone else’s. You’ll also be covered in any other vehicle you drive, like a car or a van.

This is ideal if you ride more than one motorbike, or you want to joint car and a motorbike cover.

Here's our breakdown cover

  • 5 callouts
  • Roadside Assistance
  • At Home
  • SALE - 39% OFF*
    Personal cover - was £11.50 now £7/month
  • Unlimited callouts
  • Roadside Assistance
  • At Home
  • National Recovery
  • SALE - 50% OFF*
    Personal cover - was £16.00 now £8/month

*New, single personal based cover from £7 a month. Max 50% saving with Unlimited cover. Ends 25/04/22, 7am


Cover to avoid a big bill

from just £3 a month1

Onward Travel

Get a hire car, alternative transport or a hotel while your vehicle is being fixed.

Tyre Replace

Get up to £150 per tyre to repair or replace a damaged or punctured tyre.

Battery Replace

Get a new battery if yours can’t be recharged – a new one costs £160 on average.

Key Replace

Replace lost keys and fobs easily. Without cover, new ones cost £300 on average.

With every level of cover, you’ll also have support from our Accident Care team. So if you’re involved in accident, just call 0333 2000 999 and we’ll come to your rescue† . Lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Additional cover for motorcycles

For even more reassurance, you can add extra cover to your motorbike breakdown cover. For example:

  • Key Replace means you’re covered your car or house keys are lost, stolen or accidentally broken. You’ll get up to £1,500 towards new ones.

Need European breakdown cover for your motorbike?

If you ride your motorbike in Europe, you’ll need to buy European motorcycle breakdown cover. You’ll need to take this out in addition to your UK breakdown cover. And it’s only available for motorbikes, scooters and mopeds over 125cc. 

With the RAC, you can choose between a single-trip or an annual policy depending on how often you travel to Europe. You can also get cover in up to 49 different countries. So wherever you venture, you’ll be covered.

You can buy European motorcycle breakdown cover here. Or call us on 0330 332 8302.

Compare motorbike breakdown cover

When looking motorbike breakdown cover, it’s a good idea to compare different companies and cover levels. That way, you can make sure you get the right cover for you.

Here’s a quick comparison of our breakdown cover compared to the AA and Green Flag’s.

  RAC AA Green Flag
At Home cover as standard      
20-mile taxi from the garage as standard      
Free vehicle health check when you join      
Large uniformed patrol fleet      

Breakdown Cover from just £7 a month

  • We rescue you at home and roadside as standard
  • We fix 4 out of 5 vehicle at the roadside in just 30 minutes on average
  • If you run out of fuel, you can call us for help

Breakdown cover reviews


Am I covered if I’m riding pillion?

This depends on your level of motorbike breakdown cover. If you’ve taken out personal breakdown cover, you’re covered on whatever motorbike you’re riding, or riding pillion on.

We’re happy to cover modified bikes but it’s always worth contacting us to discuss your options first if you’re not sure. Our motorbike insurance covers classic bikes and supersport models so our motorbike breakdown usually supports this.

Can you recover my motorcycle?

Yes, we can. We always aim to fix your motorbike at the roadside but if we can’t, we can recover and tow it. The destination depends on your level of motorbike cover. If you have Standard cover, we’ll tow it to an address within 10 miles. If you have Unlimited cover, we’ll tow it to any destination in the UK.

What if I use my motorbike for business?

If you use your motorbike for business - as courier, perhaps - you might need RAC business breakdown cover.  

Will my moped or scooter be covered with motorbike cover?
Yes, you will be able to cover your scooter or moped on the same policy as your motorbike if you take out vehicle breakdown cover. This type of policy will allow you to cover up to three different vehicles at the same time and will provide you with complete peace of mind in whichever one you’re driving in.
Am I covered in Europe?

Not automatically - don’t assume your UK breakdown cover covers you when riding your motorbike in Europe. The good news is that we offer European breakdown cover and provide assistance in 49 different countries, with flexible pricing, so you can tailor your cover exactly to your trip if you like.


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* Up to 50% OFF Sale terms and conditions

  • Savings apply to new customers purchasing single personal based cover on a fixed 12 month plan. Maximum 50% discount applies to Unlimited cover. Discounts on other cover levels vary.
  • Excludes Key Replace, Battery Replace & Tyre Replace.
  • You must purchase RAC Breakdown cover online direct by visiting before 25th April 7am.
  • Not available to members amending or renewing an existing policy or on purchases during a breakdown situation.
  • Offer may be withdrawn at any time.
  • No cash or other alternatives available.
  • Excludes RAC Response (Blue Badge membership).

† The RAC will seek to recoup the cost of recovery from your insurer/3rd party insurer. You may be asked to pay if this isn’t possible.

1 Payment must be made at the same time, and in the same monthly/annual way, as your breakdown cover.

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